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Loading crate at port of Beirut at 50's Loading crate at port of Beirut at 50's Loading crate at port of Beirut at 50's Our offices and warehouses in Beirut Our offices
Packing fine arts in  special foamy                ( imported) boxes Packing fine arts Packing fine arts Fine arts packing (Christies) Packing and shipping fine arts
Packing Dishes Packing HHGE Couch before packing Couch after packing Packing Household goods effects
Packing fragile Packing Boxed gathered together to prepare for crating preparing crate for air freight Preparing crate for air freight
Loading HHGE inside a crate Storage of HHGE inside a 20' container inside our warehouse Inside our storage facility Inside our storage facility Seal on a steal container in our warehouse
Crates in our warehouse Boxes prepared to be crated (also in the back ground one of the fire hydrants inside our warehouse HHGE in temporary storage for immediate shipping Packing HHGE Inside our warehouse
Inside our warehouse Packing HHGE inside our warehouse Packing HHGE inside our warehouse Loading crates to be air freighted (on our properties) Crates ready on our properties to be loaded
Loading crate for air freighting Loading 40' container inside our warehouse for sea freight Building an attic above the car to fit more HHGE Car and HHGE inside a 40' container loaded in our premises Moving The British Embassy to its present location
Moving The British Embassy Moving British Embassy Loading car in 1*20' container in our property Loading car inside trailer for land freight Clearing a sail boat (part of HHGE) from port of Beirut
Motorcycle crated for shipping Moving large item from a difficult access building Moving ABN Amro Bank to its new head office Moving the National Library in Down Town to a safe place 1977 Loading Orthodox Armenian treasure to be  airfreighted for an international exhibition


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