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Moving & Freight

ODDEBBAS & SONS provides a comprehensive selection of local and international moving and related services.

Our carefully picked global moving affiliates allow us to reach any location around the world with the same quality of service. Most of the agents we pick at destination are reputable companies which are also specialized in house hold good moving and have been working with us for many years

The process starts with a phone call, which leads to a free survey and offer which hopefully materializes with the move. The survey is extremely important, it allows us to determine the volume of the goods ,if special fragile items need crating ,some heavy or bulky items will need to be hoisted out of the house by crane and finally if the building is accessible or shutting will be needed .An other issue of importance is to discuss the mode of shipment i.e. Sea ,Air or Trailer and to see if storage will be needed for all or part of the goods at origin or at destination


Moving heavy items using outside crane

To assist you in deciding which moving services would best suit your requirements we have separated the move services into the following categories depending on the budget of the client

Moving by Sea Freight: There are two main sizes of shipping containers that you can consider, 20 foot which holds approximately 30 cubic meters and 40 foot (2 sizes) which holds approximately 60 and 70 cubic meters.

If the quantity is less than 10 cubic meters, it is recommended to send as "groupage".

Moving by Air Freight: Air freight is the quickest method of sending your goods overseas by far, usually taking 7-10 days on a full door to door move basis.
Moving some items by air freight is ideal for those items you will require immediately at destination, allowing the remainder of your items to be sent by traditional shipping methods.

Airlines charge on weight basis calculated from either the actual weight of the shipment, or a minimum weight calculated on a set weight to volume scale (which is 167kgs per cubic meter).

Moving by Land Freight:When moving to the gulf and the Arabic countries your goods can be sent door-to-door by trailer .This mode is faster than sending by sea but could be subject to inspection on borders along the way
Local Move :If u want to move your household good effects to your new home,or your office or embassy O.D.Debbas & Sons will do it without any headache to you. If you want to keep your goods in our storage until your apartment or office is ready ,we can store your goods inside our steel containers in our warehouses until you are ready to receive them.

Moving Insurance

O.D.DEBBAS &SONS strive at all times to eliminate risk and ensure peace of mind in relation to your move.

When you move with O.D.DEBBAS & SONS, you know that your goods are always in the best of care, wherever in the world you are moving to.

However, you will appreciate that the distances involved, coupled with the rigours of local or international transit and storage, means that on occasions loss and/or damage to your shipment can/or may occur.

This is why O.D.Debbas uses one of the finest insurance companies "Willis-London" which will cover door-to-door. This means that from the moment the packers arrive to your home to the moment your goods are delivered at destination ,unpacked etc.You are covered by this comprehensive insurance policy .

If the client declines buying this door to door insurance, O.D.Debbas & Sons has an umbrella policy that covers you for a maximum liability of 20$ per cubic meters.

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