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Proper packing is critical to a successful move. Your possessions represent both an emotional and monetary investment which deserves the best care available while they are being moved.

The ODDEBBAS & SONS team of trained and experienced packing professionals has the proper materials and know-how to assure your possessions arrive safely at your new home. The company has two full-time carpenters who custom-build packing crates for air freighted and fragile items when necessary if for sea freight.

Prepare crates and shipment for airship or groupage

Packing Services

Full Service Packing: All items in your home are packed by our experts using the most up-to-date packing methods and materials in the industry

Fragile Packing: You define your breakable or high-value items such as dishes, glassware, artwork, fragile furniture, mirrors, etc. We professionally pack them with care, and you pack all other belongings

Packing Materials:

The Best Packing Supplies delivered to your doorstep!

No matter what you're moving or how far you're going, ODDEBBAS has a box to suit your moving needs. As you can see below, our boxes come in all different strengths and sizes to help ensure a safe and efficient move. Your relocation consultant will recommend the appropriate cartons based on your needs.

 Small carton for heavy items: such as books and records.

 Medium utility carton: often used for pots and pans, toys, etc.

 Mirror Carton: Several sizes of telescoping cartons to fit most any picture, mirror, or glass.

 Heavy duty carton: used for china and dishes, crystal and glassware, and other fragile items.

 Wardrobe Carton: A "portable closet" that keeps clothes hanging "The steel hanger bar is especially imported from Europe".

 Carton For bulky items: such as linens, towels, or toys.


The company utilizes special packers, who supervise the handling process of customs inspection loading and unloading, to ensure that no items are damaged. All shipments are locked and specially sealed with a serial-numbered ''O.D.Debbas & Sons'' tag when packed ,allowing the customer to feel confident that the shipment will not be tampered with, stolen from, or lost in any way during the shipping and storage processes.


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