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In 1993 O.D.Debbas & Sons built their new offices on the Corniche du Fleuve Boulevard, one of the most important streets in the heart of Beirut. Having the offices and the warehouses are in the same location allow us to keep direct and better control on the moving and storage operation.

The offices are 450 sq.m and the warehouses have 3,500 sq.m, 1,200 of which are covered.

Our warehouses are equipped with a state of the art "Chubb" intrusion and five alarm system in addition to a closed circuit camera monitoring system (CCTV) which is monitored and recorded 24/24 in addition to a 24 hour guard dog (German shepherd).

 The company provides long and short term storage containerized storage facilities (in 20' or 40' steel containers or wooden lift vans) or shrink rapped and palletized. The warehouses are equipped with the most modern equipment.All shipments are locked and specially sealed with a serial-numbered "O.D.Debbas"tag when packed and stored,allowing the customerto feel confident that the shipment will not be tampered with,stolen from,or lost in any way during the storage processes.

All of this allows us to keep your belongings safe and secure for as long as needed.



Storage facilities

Location O.D.Debbas & Sons storage facility is located in the heart of Beirut.Consider it's location to your residence and the time and expense associated with frequent visits to the location.

Security understand the  security storage facility that you choose. How will your household goods be stored within the storage unit? What kind of security does the facility have both during regular business hours and after hours? How clean is the storage facility. Does the Guard have access to it ? Are the facilities inspected and treated regularly for rodents and moth. It is very important to visit the storage facility and ask all the questions before committing to a move. O.D.Debbas welcomes you to visit their facilities any time and welcomes all your questions and comments.

Size O.D.Debbas & sons storage facilities offer a wide range of storage options for you starting from a palletized/shrink-rapped small item to a 40 foot high cube container. Discuss your needs to find the storage unit size that best matches your storage needs and your budget.

Price O.D.Debbas storage facilities have a range of prices for their storage units, depending on the size of the unit, the length of time that you will be renting the storage unit.

Insurance Ask about what would happen to your stored items in case of fire, Theft. O.D.Debbas & Sons storage facilities offers an insurance policy for the value of goods.Otherwise the company has an umbrella insurance coverage for a maximum value of 20$ per cubic meters.We recommend that clients purchase additional insurance coverage from O.D.Debbas to make sure that their belongings are covered for the actual value of their goods.

Special Needs O.D.Debbas & Sons offer storage units that are climate controlled or provide other special storage accessories. Just discuss your needs with our sales representative and he or she will help you to find the best option for you.


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