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An important part of the clearing and shipping process is the inspection of the house hold goods at the port, airport or at the border (land shipments) as all the goods have to be inspected (with the exception of diplomatic shipments). During this inspection O.D.Debbas & Sons's full time packers are always present to make sure all items are handled well. They unload all the boxes and items from the container and open them, to allow the customs officer to look inside the boxes under our supervision.

When the inspection is complete, our packers tape all the boxes and packages and reload them inside the container or crate), finally the container is closed and sealed under our own supervision.

Loading and offloading cars takes place at our Head office. Sometimes if the volume is very tight we build an attic above the car so that we can fit more household good above the car in the container.


Preparing attic for car shipment

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