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O.D.Debbas & Sons has moved many companies and embassies to their present headquarters throughout the years.

Some of the important moves, O.D.Debbas & Sons has handled were the moving of the following banks and embassies to their present headquarters: ABN AMRO, Standard Chartered, and Byblos banks, as well as The British Embassy, The French Embassy (1999), French Consulate (1996), Swedish, Austrian and Japanese embassies.

O.D.Debbas & Sons has been the moving agent of the world-famous

''Christies of London'' auction house. This is arguably the best possible recommendation for choosing to do business with O.D.Debbas & Sons, as Christies only deals in the procurement and sale of prize antiques.O.D.Debbas & Sons customer's have repeatedly commended them on the care ,speed and efficiency of their service.

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